Afalina Software, Ltd.

Afalina Software, Ltd. is a developer of productivity and communication software.

149, Barykina st., Gomel, 246000, Belarus
General phone:
+375 291 944101
+375 232 410101
Afalina Co., Ltd.

Best software by Afalina Software, Ltd.

Merge Cells Wizard for Excel
Add-in for Microsoft Excel that efficiently merges data from cells into one.
Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook
This handy tool is easy to understand and easy to work with.
Advanced Excel Select
If you ever tried to find cells containing conditional formats, formulas, comments, etc.

Popular programs by Afalina Software, Ltd.

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel
This add-in helps you find and remove partial duplicates and typos in Excel.
Merge Cells Wizard
Merge Excel cells preserving all data, join by rows or columns.

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